DirtyMoe: Introduction and General Overview of Modularized Malware

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The rising price of the cryptocurrency has caused a skyrocketing trend of samples in the wild. attacks go hand in hand with the mining of cryptocurrencies to increase the attackers’ revenue/profitability. Moreover, the temptation grows if you have thousands of victims at your disposal.

This article presents the result of our recent on the DirtyMoe malware. We noticed that the NuggetPhantom malware [1] had been the first version of DirtyMoe, and PurpleFox is its kit [2]

The DirtyMoe malware uses a simple idea of how to be modularized, undetectable, and untrackable at the same time. The aim of this malware is focused on Cryptojacking and DDoS attacks. DirtyMoe is run as a service under system-level privileges via EternalBlue and at least three other . The particular functionality is controlled remotely by the malware authors who can reconfigure thousands of DirtyMoe instances to the

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