1.5 million customers impacted by Flagstar Bank data breach

Image: Shutterstock/stockfour

Flagstar Bank has disclosed a security incident that led to the exposure of personal data belonging to up to 1.5 million customers.

As reported by Bleeping Computer, the data breach occurred between December 3 and December 4, 2021.

The US financial organization is headquartered in Michigan and operates over 150 branches in areas including Indiana, California, Wisconsin, and Ohio.

Flagstar Bank caters to consumers and the enterprise, accounting for roughly $23.2 billion in assets. Flagstar Bank is a subsidiary of Flagstar Bancorp, listed on the NYSE as FBC.

The company said in a security notice that the incident involved “unauthorized access” to the bank’s network.

“In response, Flagstar promptly took steps to secure its environment and investigate the incident with the assistance of third-party forensic experts,” Flagstar said.

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On June 2, Flagstar’s investigators concluded that information belonging to over 1.5 million customers may have been affected by the breach.

There is no evidence that this data has been leaked, sold, or otherwise misused, according to the organization.

“Since then, we have taken several measures to toughen our information security. We now believe we have strengthened processes and systems in

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