11 phishing email subject lines your employees need to recognize

By now, we’ve all probably received an enticing email from a long-lost relative promising untold riches and wealth. In fact, there might be a few sitting in your spam box as you read this. That’s because the game is up for phishers using lures like inheritance money. 

These days, savvy phishers have buried the dead relative scheme in favor of urgent business messages or cybersecurity warnings. According to a recent article by ZDNet, “The most common subject lines used in phishing emails targeting businesses show how cyber criminals are exploiting urgency, personalisation and pressure in order to trick victims into clicking on malicious links, downloading malware or otherwise surrendering confidential or sensitive corporate information.” 

In other words, criminals create a false sense of urgency to trick your staff into clicking before they think. And this strategy works: each year, more than 30% of phishing emails are opened. 

Businesses need to be especially cautious around phishing emails, as they’re often the target of these attacks. More than 85% of businesses have been victimized by a phishing attack at least once. Fortunately, there are tactics you can take to empower your employees to resist phishing attempts. Teaching them how to spot the

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