14 Tips for MSPs to Prepare for the Inevitable Cybersecurity Incident

Whether or not additional cyberattacks are coming because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it’s imperative that MSPs and other tech businesses act now to effectively mitigate the risks. It is time to harden defenses and put in place viable and tested plans for continued operations and recovery after an attack.

MSPs feel less comfortable now than they did a year ago. According to CompTIA’s State of Cybersecurity 2021 research report, only 69% of individuals felt like the state of cybersecurity was improving in 2021—down from 80% in the 2020 study.

If you are an MSP, here are 14 things you must do to safeguard yourself and your clients:

Maintain Bullet-Proof Documentation. In many cyber incidents, there are issues with a lack of accessible, complete and accurate documentation. This is a recipe for additional frustration, delays, and even potential failure to recover. You must have a repository that is NOT susceptible to damage or encryption. Having documentation in backup is not adequate. We very often see in even large enterprise organizations, there are challenges with back-ups. They may be corrupted, deleted or encrypted. Even where they are not, restoration takes time, and in a major cyber event, time is something you simply

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