190GB of Samsung Data Leaked

Lapsus$, a cyber extortion gang that had previously targeted Nvidia, claimed responsibility for a massive Samsung data breach that it had orchestrated.

The hackers claimed to have stolen around 200GB of compressed material from Samsung servers, which included sensitive documentation, code, and other proprietary information, among other things.


The breach comes less than a week after Lapsus$ made public a 20GB document collection of  1TB of material obtained from an Nvidia GPU designer by the hacker collective Lapsus$.

What Happened?

According to a message the extortion gang teased about exposing Samsung data in the form of a snapshot of C/C++ instructions in Samsung software in the near future.


Lapsus$ issued a summary of the imminent leak shortly after tantalizing their followers, claiming that it contained “secret Samsung source code” that was obtained via a hack.

BleepingComputer reports that if the Lapsus$ claim is real, Samsung has experienced a catastrophic data breach that has the potential to do significant harm to the corporation.

The leaked data has been divided into three compressed files totaling nearly 190GB.

Lapsus$ made available a short summary of the information accessible in each of the three archives included in the leak, with

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