20+ Free Remote Desktop Software Tools You Need to Know

Remote desktop software is basically a computer program that lets you connect to another computer. The PC you will connect to is named “the host”, your PC from where you initiate the connection is called the viewer or the client. After connecting to the host, you can perform on that device whatever actions you want, as you would on your computer.

Why Is Remote Desktop Important?

The question that comes next is why do you need remote desktop software? There are several reasons, so I will highlight the most important of them. Here are 5 reasons why a remote desktop is important:

Remote connection is possible. So, if the IT guys in your company need to run some patches, make some fixes, or investigate a network issue they won’t need to tell your employees to come to the office and bring their devices with them. Productivity is not interrupted. The IT guys can connect to the host and do their business while your employees can mind their own tasks without being interrupted because remote desktop software allows background activity. It saves time. Let’s say you are in France. You only have with you your personal laptop but you need

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