2022 Trends Illustrate Tech is Bigger Than Sum of Its Parts

CompTIA’s annual industry outlook reports usually start by describing the size and shape of the IT industry. For many years, this description served as a good indicator for the trajectory of technology. The vital stats for IT have shown an industry growing past $5 trillion in global revenue, expanding beyond highly developed geographies, and evolving from foundational pieces into complex solutions.

But as impressive as the numbers have been, they don’t tell the full story. The widespread use of computing technology has been compared to the widespread use of manufacturing that ushered in the Industrial Revolution, which implies decades of socioeconomic change following the early stages of adoption. There are many signals suggesting that technology’s early stages are coming to an end, and CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook 2022 looks at how a more mature tech sector is impacting the rest of the economy.

Tech’s Impact on the Job Market

One of the most obvious ripple effects is in the job market. Headlines often warn us about automation and AI displacing job roles, but they aren’t quite as quick to note that the same thing has happened with every major advance in the way work gets done. That’s not to say the

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