3 cybersecurity trends & mitigation strategies for CISOs

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We’ve also seen an increase in “living off the land” attacks where cybercriminals leverage legitimate tools within an enterprise’s network to avoid detection before exfiltrating data. These attacks usually occur during working hours to seem more legitimate.

Lastly, Bitcoin has become seemingly integral to ransomware. It’s anonymous, difficult to track, fast, and easy. What more could a bad guy want? It’s no wonder the amount of cryptocurrency funds from ransomware skyrocketed 311% from 2019 to 2020.

However, Bitcoin is extremely volatile. The sporadic rise and fall of Bitcoin’s value is well-documented, and it’s not just investors who are impacted. We predict enterprises will experience an uptick in ransomware and crypto mining attacks corresponding with Bitcoin’s plummeting value; the less Bitcoin is worth, the more attacks need to be launched to make a profit, but more importantly, the malicious actors can obtain the currency on the dip.

Trend #3 – Crime as a Service expands

The increase in targeted and specialized attacks is due to the rise of Ransomware as a Service (RaaS). As the name suggests, RaaS providers are dedicated to selling or renting ransomware capabilities to buyers (called affiliates) to use at their own discretion. RaaS is part of

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