450 million cyberattacks attempted on Japan Olympics infrastructure: NTT

The NTT Corporation, which provided wide-ranging telecommunications services and network security for the Olympic & Paralympic Games in Tokyo this summer, said there were more than 450 million attempted cyberattacks during the event in July. 

NTT officials said none of the attacks were successful and added that the games went on without a hitch. But the number of attacks was 2.5x the number seen during the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

NTT’s Andrea MacLean compared the cybersecurity struggle to Harry Potter’s final fight against Voldemort, calling the effort to protect the event “Herculean.”

“Cybercriminals certainly saw the Games — and its related supply chain — as a high-value target with low downtime tolerance. After all, crime follows opportunity. And with connected stadiums, fan engagement platforms and complete digital replicas of sporting venues and the events themselves becoming the norm, there’s plenty of IT infrastructure and data to target — and via a multitude of components,” MacLean said. 

She explained that NTT’s approach to protecting the event included “ongoing threat intelligence monitoring and analysis, SOC services, a complete security solutions package and an expert team of over 200 cybersecurity specialists.”

MacLean said among the 450 million attacks, NTT saw the Emotet malware, email spoofing and phishing as

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