5 Tips to Get a Cybersecurity Job With No Experience

Even if you don’t have any cybersecurity experience, it’s not impossible to land a job in the field! This article will discuss five tips from two Offensive Security employees who successfully transitioned into their careers as cybersecurity professionals. These simple guidelines can help you land an entry-level security position, even if you lack formal education or training in cybersecurity.

Marissa Chamberlain and Abdullah Siddique (Sid) are two examples of professionals from another industry who successfully obtained their first job in cybersecurity with no experience. Marissa was an election administrator, who was well-versed in election law, communicating with the media, and ensuring that all systems were working correctly during an election in her community. Sid has a background in business, finance, and accounting, and worked for the stock exchange. Each of them came to the cybersecurity profession with a different background, yet you will find that many of their tips to get a cybersecurity job with no experience are the same.

Get a Cybersecurity Job with No Experience

Marissa and Sid have shared some experiences as they have pivoted their careers into the world of information security. While it can be challenging to start the transition without formal education or

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