5 Ways to Be an Ally with Your LGBTQIA+ Colleagues at Work

Pride Month is a time to reflect and uplift our LGBTQIA+ peers and honor queer folx who have blazed a trail for freedom. We’re all pretty cool people and it’s time we all get more acquainted. 

As a person who identifies as the T in LGBTQIA+, I’ve found that allyship is incredibly valuable to myself and my queer peers. Coming out and living our truth is a process that seems to be eternal. I continue to have to come out to new colleagues as we become comfortable with each other. That authenticity is important. I’ve often felt scared and inauthentic before coming out. Visibility is so important in the challenges we face, and ally help is necessary for us to move forward together. 

Below are five ways you can be a better ally with your queer coworkers. These have been very important in my work in Datto’s Pride Employee Resource Group.

Respect our Privacy and Help Foster a Secure Environment

This might seem obvious, but privacy is an important resource. For many queer folx, privacy is top priority. There are many reasons why one needs privacy, and our allies should respect that there is information about individuals that you aren’t

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