7 Lessons Learned from Cybersecurity Experts in 2021

Cybersecurity incidents continue to dominate headlines and threats continue to escalate and get more complex. All companies need to stay cyber resilient, learning from other security leaders and those with experience mitigating and defending against the latest threats.

To help that cause, MJ Shoer, CompTIA senior vice president and executive director of the CompTIA ISAO, recently completed the second season of his Shoering Up Security YouTube series, interviewing weekly guests about challenges and trends in the cybersecurity space and what MSPs should know. Here are some highlights and lessons learned from each Season 2 episode, all available now on YouTube:

[embedded content] How to Use an ISAO: One MSP Use Case

In a fast-paced industry like cybersecurity, it can be difficult to stay on top of every new incident. Initiatives like the CompTIA ISAO can provide threat intelligence, alerts, and other timely information to help you stay ahead, but how should organizations use it? Matthew Lang, CISO with IND Corp., a Whippany, N.J.-based MSP, told Shoer that his company uses the ISAO to stay on top of threats in real time, which helps mitigate damage for some customers and prevent incidents for others.

MSPs can collaborate with other professionals in the ISAO

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