8 tips to protect company data sent via home internet connections

The U.S. is on track to break the single-year data breach record in 2021, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC). That’s not even the whole story. For every high-profile data breach you hear about in the news, dozens of lower-profile attacks occur. These smaller breaches might not compromise millions of records at a time, but they’re still devastating for the people and companies they impact.

Data vulnerability is an even bigger concern now that many of us are working remotely part- or full-time. Your average home WiFi network isn’t equipped with business-grade security features capable of thwarting determined attackers. If you’re transmitting sensitive company data from your home office, you need to do more to keep it safe from prying eyes.

1: Use a Secure Home WiFi Network

The best way to protect your company data when you work from home may be to change up your home WiFi network.

Consider swapping your off-the-shelf router (or your cable company’s router) for a network that delivers responsive, AI-based WiFi security around the clock. A smart WiFi network proactively adjusts to threats as they arise, adding extra layers of protection that complement everything else you should be doing

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