8 Tips to Retain Your Talent and Avoid the Great Resignation

A recent phenomenon, especially in the tech community, is high resignation rates. A recent study shows that 72% of tech workers are considering leaving their job in the next year. Another reveals that 97% feel burned out. But why is it happening and how can businesses keep employees happy? Experts believe that an inclusive culture is key for retaining talent and that exclusive environments are to blame for much of this retention challenge.

The topic was the subject of a session during an Advancing Tech Talent and Diversity Community meeting at CompTIA’s Communities & Councils Forum in Chicago, where Trisha Daho, CEO and founder of Empowered, Angel Pineiro, vice president of CompTIA’s strategic academic relationships, and Lindsay Raduka, vice president of talent and culture, provided eight tips for tech companies to retain talent:

1. Make Your Culture Sticky

Workers feel as if they aren’t being treated equitably and, as a result, they are seeking out workplaces that offer more inclusion. Industry experts suggest making an intentional culture that supports diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and that actively works to support all workers as they are.

To truly include groups that often feel marginalized, you often need to have some uncomfortable

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