$80 Million Go Monthly into the Hackers’ Pockets Via False Giveaways and Surveys, Experts Say

Hackers impersonate popular brands and trick victims from the United States, Canada, South Korea, and Italy to provide them with personal and financial information, new research from Group-IB says. According to experts, cybercriminals have made almost $80 million monthly employing these scams, money obtained from 10 million people in 91 countries.

How These Types of Scams Work

Experts have described which tactics scammers use to fool victims. Thus, targeted users normally receive an invitation to be part of a survey that comes with an alleged prize. In the received offer, there’s a link that redirects to the website where the survey can be found. To attract victims, from a marketing point of view meaning to “generate leads”, scammers use all kinds of methods like contextual advertising, SMS, mailouts, or pop-up notifications.

To attract users to the final scam websites, scammers register look-alike domain names to the official ones. Less frequently, they were also seen adding links to the calendar and posts on social networks. After clicking the targeted link, a user gets in the so-called traffic cloaking, which enables cybercriminals to display different content to different users, based on certain user parameters.


The download for this “brand survey” page takes a lot of time, while users are redirected

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