Acer Data Breach Impacts the Company’s Indian Systems

An Acer data breach on the company’s Indian after-sales services has been confirmed by the Taiwan-based multinational hardware and electronics enterprise.

Who Is Behind the Acer Data Breach?

According to BleepingComputer, the company did not share any information related to the identity of the threat actor behind this Acer data breach.

However, communication in this sense came from a hacker on a well-known forum (RAID), a very popular one in the past among hackers where they used to perform companies’ extortion and also put the stolen data for sale. The person claimed there the Acer data breach, confirming the compromise of the company’s servers and announcing that they managed to get 60GB of information, this meaning files, and databases.

To vouch for this affirmation, the cybercriminal also shared a video that demonstrated the alleged data theft, from which it comes out that 10,000 customers records and 3,000 Indian Acer distributors and retailers’ credentials were stolen.

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What Data Has Been Accessed?

As the same publication mentions, the supposedly stolen information means:

Financial info; Corporate data; Client data; And distributors and retailers’ credentials as already stated above. Second Acer Data Breach This Year

It seems that it’s

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