Actionable Detections: An Analysis of ATT&CK Evaluations Data Part 2 of 2

Jamie WilliamsJun 18, 2020 · 8 min read

In part 1 of this blog series, we introduced how you can break down and understand detections by security products. When analyzing ATT&CK Evaluations results, we have found it helpful to assess and deconstruct each detection based on three key benchmarks:

Availability — Is the detection capability gathering the necessary data?Efficacy — Can the gathered data be processed into meaningful information?Actionability — Is the provided information sufficient to act on?

The first two benchmarks (availability and efficacy) are naturally defined by data sources, from which context is derived. Context, understanding the true meaning and consequences of events, is what enables actionability, but is limited to what raw data inputs you consume (availability), as well as consuming enough of the right data to make sense of the situation (efficacy).

In this second and final part of this blog series, we address the always relevant question of “so what?” and provide insight into why we are so excited to introduce protections into the next round of ATT&CK Evaluations. Detecting malicious events is not the final solution to thwarting adversaries, as some action needs to be taken to mitigate, remediate, and prevent current and future threats activity. The context

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