After ransomware arrests, some dark web criminals are getting worried

Cyber criminals are becoming anxious about being tracked down by law enforcement agencies following the high-profile arrests of suspected members of one of the most notorious ransomware groups. 

On January 14, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) announced it had detained members of the REvil ransomware gang operating from several regions of the country and dismantled the group’s operations. Previous action by Europol resulted in the arrest of a suspected REvil affiliate near the Polish and Ukranian border. 

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According to analysis of chatter on Dark Web forums by cybersecurity researchers at Trustwave SpiderLabs, the recent arrests, particularly those by Russia, appear to have scared cyber criminals, some of whom appear to be worried that they might be next. 

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Ransomware is one of the biggest cybersecurity issues facing organisations and the wider world today, with a string of incidents demonstrating how such attacks can impact utilities, healthcare, food production and other vital services that people need everyday, while cyber criminals can walk away with huge sums of money when victims give in and pay the ransoms required for a decryption key.   

There’s a consensus among cybersecurity experts that many of the major ransomware operations work out of Russia,

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