AI Best Practices: Steps to Success for Business Leaders and Practitioners

Although artificial intelligence has permeated the technology landscape, companies are still struggling to understand how to integrate AI processes to meet business goals. AI’s transformative possibilities can only be unlocked when business decision makers and AI practitioners understand how it can enhance business processes.

To help, CompTIA’s AI Advisory Council created AI in Business: Top Considerations for Before Implementing AI. The guide is intended to help both business leadership and AI practitioners think through how best to use AI to drive operating efficiency and profitability. It offers a snapshot of major AI technologies and implementation barriers, then details 15 key questions businesses should ask as they embark on an AI journey, based on council members’ experience and expertise.

Why AI and Why Now

Rama Akkiraju, IBM fellow and one of the contributing council members, says the success stories coming out of multiple industries are motivating AI exploration by more organizations.

There’s good reason to do so, according to fellow council member Lloyd Danzig, chairman and founder at International Consortium for the Ethical Development of Artificial Intelligence. He says more efficient algorithms paired with advances in computational power open the door to solve problems that were unsolvable until now. “Businesses can now leverage data to make

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