'AI Will Revolutionize Every Aspect of Connectivity,' Argue Cyber Experts

'AI Will Revolutionize Every Aspect of Connectivity,' Argue Cyber Experts

"AI will revolutionize every aspect of connectivity," was the bold message delivered during a recent webinar by the IDC titled 'AI with everything – the future of Artificial Intelligence in Networking.

The synopsis of the webinar argued that artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how networks are built and operated in the most profound of ways. Additionally, IT professionals are more reliant than ever on networks to keep enterprises agile, secure and competitive. As a result, advanced tools are needed to keep networks running at optimal levels. AI plays a critical part in making network operations simpler, smarter, more secure and faster.

The webinar was led by Mark Leary, research director for network analytics and automation at the IDC. Joining him were Andrew Coward, GM, software defined networking, at IBM; Kevin Deierling, senior vice president of NVIDIA; and Gaurav Rastogi, senior director, R&D, of VMware.

AI-Driven Changes

The webinar opened with the rousing claim by Leary that AI-driven change is needed if mounting network challenges are to be addressed: "The recent Google Cloud outage is still being investigated, but it was identified as a networking issue." 

Mark Leary (top left), Andrew Coward (top right), Gaurav Rastogi

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