All You Need to Know About Black Friday Scams: How to Recognize Them and Stay Safe

Black Friday is approaching and in the run-up to the huge sales day, you should stay safe when it comes to the scams and tricks that malicious actors might try to use against you.

Is Black Friday Dangerous from a Cybersecurity Standpoint?

Is water wet or winter cold? So, I ask you: why pass up a perfectly good opportunity to rip off a couple of naïve users who haven’t a clue about online shopping.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Father’s Day, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, or the winter solstice – the thicker the crowd, the most likely it is for a pickpocket to be there.

Although the whole shopping fever lasts for only one day, there are plenty of people who are willing to spend serious cash. It makes sense: why give in to the impulse, when you can wait out for a better deal? And, I have to admit, that some of those deals can run pretty hot.

Anyway, scammers are out there and they’re just jumping at the chance of emptying your bank account. So, this article being about Black Friday scams, let’s take a closer look at the most common and uncommon scams.

Most Common Black Friday Scams

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