An Amazon rival reveals the only honest reason to get a video doorbell

This is not a nice person. You must defend yourself.

Screenshot by ZDNet

You know why you bought an Amazon Ring or a Google Nest video doorbell, don’t you?

It’s because everyone on the street has them, and you’ll be darned if you’re going to be left behind in the surveillance game.

Yes, you might be helping the police along the way, but you’ll also be able to see who comes to your door from miles away. And haven’t we always wanted to do that?

But there’s a certain dishonest niceness in the way that Amazon and Google peddle these devices. It’s all about giving you the additional veneer of safety — and Big Tech the additional hope that it can track you just that little bit more.

I was uplifted to thoughts of taking a smiling selfie, therefore, when I saw how a smaller video doorbell rival was approaching its marketing.

Wyze, a company created by former Amazon employees, believes it’s “the most customer-centric smart home technology.” It insists it’s offering “access to high-quality products at great prices.”

And it would like you to buy its video doorbell not because of price, but because of something far more emotional. In Wyze’s own words, emerging

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