And the Winner Is… You: How to Apply for Industry Awards to Boost Your Business

One of the most overlooked ways to help your business is to apply for—and hopefully win—awards presented by your partners, community or industry. It’s a great marketing tactic that can really make your business stand out with prospects and customers, but many organizations think they either won’t win or don’t know how to create a strong submission. So they don’t try.

But that doesn’t have to be the case, according to Kristian Wright, COO of inSOC Inc. The key is to figure out how to “stand out in a sea of sameness,” he said during a presentation at a CompTIA UK&I Business Technology Community meeting in Manchester, UK.

Overcoming Writer’s Block and Other Challenges

Most awards entries are so dull judges don’t even read all the way through them, and many can’t tell one entry from another, he said. To stand a great chance of winning, ask yourself four questions when filling out an application:

Why are you entering the award?What do you hope to gain from it?What would winning do for your company?What other benefits might you gain from a win?

Awards entries take time and effort, and it can be difficult to articulate your accomplishments—many people are not comfortable

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