Anonymous and affiliates hacked 90% of Russian misconfigured databases

A new report reveals that since the Russian attack on Ukraine, Anonymous and its affiliate groups have compromised 90% of misconfigured cloud databases owned by different Russian organizations.

As you may already know that Russia has come under the radar of hacktivists, particularly the Anonymous collective, after the country invaded Ukrainian territories on February 24th, 2022. Since then, Russian IT infrastructure is being targeted every other day including government websites, State-run TV channels, online video streaming platforms, etc.

But now, researchers have revealed that hackers launched a large-scale cyberattack on misconfigured and exposed cloud databases owned by different Russian organizations. The severity of the attack can be quantified by the fact that around 90% of these databases have been compromised by hackers.

Details of the Breach

According to the IT security researchers at Website Planet, Anonymous and its affiliate group of hackers compromised around 90% of Russian cloud databases that were exposed to the public without any security authentication or password.

Although there is no clarity over whether the data was downloaded or not and what the hackers intend to do with it chances are bright that they might use it for additional attacks.

According to Jeremiah Fowler of Security Discovery

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