Anonymous Declares Cyber War Against Pro-Russia Hacker Group Killnet

The Pro-Russia Hacker Group Killnet recently targeted European institutions, while Anonymous hackers are already claiming to have leaked the group’s personal information in a database dump.

The Anonymous hacktivists collective announced declaring cyberwar against pro-Russia hackers Killnet. The hacktivist group posted about this recent development on their Twitter handle, @YourAnonOne. The tweet read:

“The #Anonymous collective is officially in cyberwar against the pro-Russian hacker group #Killnet.”

Shortly after posting the tweet, Anonymous revealed that the official website of Killnet ( was taken offline. Anonymous later posted that Killnet’s user database has also been leaked online.

“Pro Russian hackers group KillNet user database is leaked online by #Anonymous. LOL,” wrote @AnonOpsSE.

As seen by, the leaked database contains 146 email address and their plain-text passwords.

Tweets from Anonymous and alleged database leak (Image: Why Anonymous Furious at Killnet?

This act could be in response to the warning issued by cybersecurity agencies in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, citing that pro-Russian hackers may soon target organizations outside of Ukrainian borders.

It is worth noting that the FVEY (Five Eyes Alliance) published a threat assessment report yesterday. The organization revealed that numerous Russian government-sponsored and other

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