Anonymous Hacks 2 Russian Industrial Firms, Leak 112GB of Data for Ukraine

Anonymous has taken Operation OpRussia a step further by targeting MashOil and RostProekt, which happened to be giants in their respective industries.

The online hacktivist group Anonymous has claimed responsibility for targeting two Russian companies stealing a trove of their data and leaking it online for the public to download.

MashOil Data Breach

MashOil is a Moscow based company known for designing, manufacturing, and maintaining equipment used in the drilling, mining, and fracking industries. According to the company’s website, “MashOil LLC is the official representative of the FID Group in the Russian Federation.”

FID Group on the other hand is a group of Belarusian and Russian enterprises specializing in manufacturing equipment for the oil and gas industry in both countries. However, Anonymous has claimed responsibility for targeting the company and stealing a whopping 110 GB worth of its data.

The data includes over 140,000 emails which can be downloaded via torrent and is available on the official website of Distributed Denial of Secrets (aka DDoSecrets), a non-profit whistleblower organization.

On Twitter, @YourAnonNews, one of the largest social media representatives of the Anonymous movement also confirmed the hack.

Anonymous on Twitter confirmed the MashOil breach after quoting a tweet from DDoSecrets’ founder Emma

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