Anonymous hacks unsecured printers to sends anti-war messages across Russia

Anonymous has carried out a mass “Print Attack” in which it has sent over 100,000 print copies to Russian citizens with messages against war and how to bypass censorship in the country.

Anonymous hacktivists are compromising vulnerable and misconfigured printers across Russia and sending print copies to users with anti-war messages. The modus operandi of this attack is similar to the one that Anonymous used last month in which the group hacked misconfigured cloud databases owned by businesses in Russia and left messages against the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

40,000+ Copies Printed Sent

The details of the attack were shared by one of the Anonymous affiliated groups with according to which as of Sunday, March 20th, 2022, the group had targeted 160 devices and printed over 40,000 copies with anti-war and “anti-propaganda” messages in the Russian language.

Anonymous on Twitter

The printed copies also explained how users can bypass censorship in Russia by using the Tor browser. It is worth noting that the Russian government has blocked Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, BBC News, Voice of America, Deutsche Welle, Bellingcat, Amnesty International,, Ukrayinska Pravda, Interfax-Ukraine, Radio Free Liberty, etc. since the invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, 24th

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