Anonymous Hacktivists Leak 1TB of Top Russian Law Firm Data

Rustam Kurmaev and Partners work with the Russian government and other high-profile banking, media, oil, and industrial companies, including American firms.

The Anonymous hacktivists collective has struck Russia again by leaking approximately 1TB of data from a leading Russian law firm identified as Rustam Kurmaev and Partners (RKP Law).

The news arrives just a day after the collective leaked hundreds of gigabytes of data from the servers of Russia’s largest media holdings with over 100 regional radio stations, Vyberi Radio.

It is worth noting that Anonymous waged a cyberwar against Russia in late February 2022 dubbed #OpRussia after the country invaded Ukrainian territories, referring it to “special military operation” to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine.

Anonymous’ Announcement

The hacktivists who go by the Twitter handle of @DepaixPorteur and @B00daMooda took to Twitter to announce the leaking of the data trove belonging to RKP Law. In one tweet, @DepaixPorteur stated that:

We are Anonymous – We have hacked RKPLaw (rkplawru) and leaked 1TB of files, emails, court files, client files, backups, and more! They have a very large (455 clients) and an interesting client list which I will post in the comments.

Emma Best, a journalist, and co-founder of a non-profit whistleblower organization

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