Anonymous says it's leaking hacked data from Epik, a right-wing hosting service

Members of the umbrella hacking movement Anonymous say they leaked information about a range of fringe websites after breaching Epik, a web hosting provider and domain registrar service, marking the latest update in a generation of internet activism from the group.

Anonymous claimed in a series of posts they have released 180 GB of information, amounting to “a decade’s worth of data” about Epik, which has made it possible for right-wing clients including the Republican Party of Texas, the social network Gab, the Twitter alternative Parler and the extremist site 8chan to remain online. Leaked data reportedly includes details about domain purchases and website registration information about apparent operators of websites that promote militant ideologies.

Epik has denied any awareness of a breach, and said it is investigating the claims.

The news, first reported Sept. 13 by Steven Monacelli, represents the latest example of Anonymous — made up of self-professed followers — using the brand name to carry out their work. The effort, called #OperationJane, began in the aftermath of Texas enacting a restrictive abortion law that encourages citizens to report anyone who participated in or aided such a medical procedure.

Members of Anonymous also took action following the murder

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