Apple plans to make finding unwanted AirTags easier


Apple on Thursday laid out a series of steps it’s taking to address privacy and safety issues related to AirTags , following reports that the devices have been used for malicious and criminal activity. 

Some of the more significant changes will come later this year. Apple plans to alert users more quickly when an unwanted device may be traveling with them and also plans to make it easier to find those devices with louder tones and precision finding. 

With precision finding, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 users will be able to see the distance and direction to an unknown AirTag when it is in range. The feature relies on input from the phone’s camera, ARKit, accelerometer, and gyroscope. 

In the meantime, Apple is taking more incremental steps to address the problem. First, in an upcoming software update, users setting up their AirTags for the first time will see a new privacy warning. The new message states that using AirTags to track people without consent can be a crime, that the AirTag is designed to be detected by victims, and that law enforcement can request identifying information about the owner of the AirTag.

Apple said it’s been “actively

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