At Least 14 German Automakers Targeted by Malware Campaign

Experts have discovered a phishing campaign that has been going on for over a year. Its target? The German automotive industry. What threat actors are trying to do is to infiltrate password-stealing malware into the victims’ systems.

More Details on the Malware Campaign Focused on German Automakers

According to the researchers at Checkpoint, who published a report on this topic, the phishing campaign under discussion became active around July 2021 with its activity still being carried out at the present moment.

Its targets are car manufacturers and dealers in Germany, the threat actors behind it managing to duplicate genuine sites belonging to various companies for the purpose of registering lookalike domains. This technique is known as domain squatting.

These spoof websites are employed to distribute phishing emails in German and to serve as a host for malicious payloads.

The campaign also leveraged various MaaS info-stealers according to researchers, these involving BitRAT, Raccoon Stealer as well as AZORult. It seems that all three malware are put for sale on cybercrime markets.

Most of the targets are related to the German auto-industry sector and the attacks were designed to deploy various types of info-stealing malware. The threat actors behind the operation registered

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