Attackers Increasingly Target Linux in the Cloud

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Linux has been the favored operating system of system administrators and hackers, but now the operating system has become a significant target of cybercriminals as well, with malware — such as Web shells and coin miners — running from Linux containers and about 200 different Linux vulnerabilities targeted in attacks.

That data, from security firm Trend Micro, underscores how containers have taken off and some of the most popular ones have a significant number of vulnerabilities. The official Python image, for example, has 482 vulnerabilities — 32 of them critical — while the official WordPress image has 402 vulnerabilities, 26 of them critical.

Companies need to ask themselves how they intend to secure their container infrastructure, says Aaron Ansari, vice president of cloud security at Trend Micro.

“If there are vulnerabilities, how are you going to patch them?” he says, adding that companies that do not have a quick time-to-patch need to

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