ATT&CK 2021 Roadmap

Amy L. RobertsonMar 16 · 9 min read

A review of how we navigated 2020 and where we’re heading in 2021

With the monumental disruptions, challenges, and hybrid work environments of 2020, we found innovative ways to collaborate and maintain momentum. We started off 2020 by launching ATT&CK for ICS and expanding it over the next few months to feature mitigations and STIX integration. A proposed ATT&CK data sources methodology was introduced, with the goal of more effectively representing adversary behavior from a data perspective. We added sub-techniques to address abstraction imbalances across the knowledge base, and for a few months, the matrix could fit on one slide again. PRE-ATT&CK’s scope was integrated into Enterprise ATT&CK, and two new tactics, Reconnaissance and Resource Development, emerged from the fusion. We released the Network Devices platform, featuring techniques targeting network infrastructure devices. The Cloud domain benefitted from refined Cloud data sources and new Cloud technique content. Our infrastructure team updated ATT&CK Navigator with new elements to enhance your visualization and planning experience. We launched the virtual ATT&CKCon PowerHour, featuring insights from ATT&CK practitioners and the ATT&CK team. Finally, we mapped techniques used in a series of intrusions involving SolarWinds (recently published as a point

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