Australia to Try a New Strategy Regarding Ransomware Data Breaches

The Australian Government has approved a massive investment of AU $1.67 billion (USD $1.23 billion) across 10 years to mitigate the threat posed by data breaches through Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy 2020, which includes a ransomware strategy.

We are continuing to observe cybercriminals successfully use ransomware to disrupt services and steal from Australians. Whether it is conducting attacks on critical infrastructure, taking from small businesses or targeting the most vulnerable members of our community, cybercriminals use ransomware to do Australians real and long-lasting harm.

In response, the Australian Government is taking concrete action to protect Australians, including working with our international and business partners to combat this global threat. Criminals are carrying out attacks simultaneously to exploit or steal from as many victims as possible. Over the past 12 months, Australia has faced a 15% increase in ransomware attacks reported to the Australian Cyber Security Centre.

During a time where we are focused on growing Australia’s future as a modern and leading digital economy, safety, security and trust in the cyber-enabled systems we all rely on has never been of greater importance. The Ransomware Action Plan takes a decisive stance – the Australian Government does not condone ransom payments

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