AWS security and compliance overview

Amazon offers many solutions for ensuring your environment is secure and meets many industry standard compliance frameworks. By properly utilizing tools such as Cognito and Organizations, you will ensure your environment has proper controls in place to secure data.

With automated tools like Trusted Advisor and Audit Manager, you will be able to demonstrate this security and compliance when necessary.

Shared responsibility model

All cloud providers must take security and compliance seriously. With multiple customers sharing physical servers and infrastructure out of the direct control of customers, providers must demonstrate that their services are at least as secure as an on-premises solution. Amazon’s solution to this is what they refer to as the “shared responsibility model.” To use Amazon’s words, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is responsible for the security “of the cloud,” while customers are responsible for security “in the cloud.”

This means AWS takes responsibility for maintaining the security of the virtualization layers, server operating systems and physical security of the facilities. The customer is responsible for ensuring the operating systems and applications running within their AWS environment are patched and updated, as well as the firewall configuration and encryption of data. This allows customers to have

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