Best encrypted messaging apps 2022: Chat privately

While there are a number of messaging apps from which to choose, only a dozen or so have marketplace gravitas. The best-known and most-utilized are usually the ones that come with your smartphone: the Google, Samsung, and Apple Messages apps, the Facebook Messengers, and the Whatsapps of the world. Most people don’t even think about their messaging app — they take it for granted and simply check notifications regularly.

But there are differences between them, and the most important ones involve security, because all messaging is speedy and virtually instantaneous. Is it possible for hackers to break into your connected device through a vulnerability in the messaging app? You bet it’s possible, and break-ins there are more common than you might think.

For example, we’ve probably all received phony messages purportedly from a friend containing a link to a video (“I think you’re seen in this video … check this out!”). Woe to those who fall for this ruse. So security and encryption of messages is a serious consideration when it comes to messaging, which is far and away the favored method of communicating among Millennials, Gen Z folks, and younger.

Please know that end-to-end encryption is not

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