Best encryption software 2022: Protect your data

When mass data collection and big data analysis exploded on the technology scene, security and encryption, unfortunately, took a back seat. 

In a world where data breaches happen on a daily basis — involving everything from device theft to vulnerability exploitation and open AWS buckets exposed for the world to see — businesses and home users alike should educate themselves and employ encryption software where they can protect their personal data or information they have become controllers of — and, therefore, may be legally liable if records are stolen or leaked.     

Encryption can help protect information stored, received, and sent between systems, such as between transfers in enterprise networks or in simple browser sessions. Readable information is scrambled through the use of encryption keys, and then algorithms that can sort through this text and return it to a readable format. For example, today, the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) using 128- and 256-bit key lengths are commonly used worldwide. 

If strong encryption and security practices are not in place, businesses are not only opening themselves up to potential cyberattacks, but also the loss of corporate and customer information, fines for non-compliance with laws including HIPAA and GDPR, financial

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