Best Free and Public DNS Servers

DNS allows computer networks to associate numerous pieces of information with each web domain. To put it another way, all Domain Name Servers serve as the core internet address book.

Therefore, even if individuals may readily remember a domain name, computers require numbers to comprehend it. That’s why the DNS system converts each domain name into an IP address and assigns it, along with additional information.

Free and Public DNS Servers  IPv4 IPv6  ProviderPrimary DNSSecondary DNS Primary DNS Secondary DNS Google8. Quad99.9.9.9149.112.112.1122620:fe::fe2620:fe::9 OpenDNS
2620:119:53::53 Cloudflare1. 2606:4700:4700::1001 Alternate DNS76.76.19.1976.223.122.1502602:fcbc::ad 2602:fcbc:2::ad AdGuard DNS DNS.WATCH84.200.69.8084.200.70.402001:1608:10:25::1c04:b12f2001:1608:10:25::9249:d69b Comodo Secure DNS8. CenturyLink SafeDNS195.46.39.39195.46.39.402001:67c:2778::39392001:67c:2778::3940 CleanBrowsing185.228.168.9185.228.169.9n/an/a Why Should I Use an Alternative DNS?

If you suspect there’s an issue with the ones you’re using currently, you might feel the need to change the DNS servers provided by your ISP.

An easy approach to test for a DNS server problem is by entering a website’s IP address into the browser. If you can access a website using its IP address but not its name, the DNS server is

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