Best VPNs for small and home-based businesses in 2021

I recently had a friendly discussion with a marketing guy who contended that the term “small business” didn’t apply to home-based businesses because small businesses have between a hundred and 1,500 employees and revenues from about $1M to about $40M. Technically, if you accept the US Small Business Administration’s very wrong-headed definition of small business, that’s correct. But I defy you to tell a small restaurant owner or an IT consultant with five or ten employees that their business isn’t a small business. Afterall, roughly 54% of employer businesses (business with employees) are smaller than the SBA’s definition of small business.

This is even more the case in these times of Covid. Many employees are working from home, whether or not they’re employed by companies with huge or tiny payrolls. But the distinction is important — and this is what my marketing friend was getting at — because if you look at tiny businesses, they tend to need different networking infrastructure than so-called small businesses the size of small departments or divisions.

For our purposes, specifically for this article, we’re looking at VPN solutions that can fit businesses operating from homes as well as small offices. Two

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