Beware: This cheap and 'homemade' malware is surprisingly effective

A powerful form of trojan malware that offers complete backdoor access to Windows systems is being sold on underground forums for the price of a cup of coffee – and it’s being developed and maintained by one person.

Known as DCRat, the backdoor malware has existed since 2018 but has since been redesigned and relaunched.

When malware is cheap it’s often associated with only delivering limited capabilities. But DCRat – offered online for as little as $5 – unfortunately comes equipped with a variety of a functions, including the ability to steal usernames, passwords, credit card details, browser history, Telegram login credentials, Steam accounts, Discord tokens, and more.  

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DCRat can also take screenshots, steal clipboard contents and contains a keylogger that can track anything the victim types onto their computer. It ultimately provides cyber criminals with full access to almost everything the victim does after downloading the malware. 

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Malware this powerful tends to be the work of sophisticated and well-resourced cyber-criminal groups, but according to analysis by cybersecurity researchers at BlackBerry, DCRat is developed and maintained by a single

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