Bitdefender Launches GravityZone Extended Detection and Response (XDR) to Improve Cyber Resilience

Bitdefender has a robust 20-year history innovating on behalf of our customers for superior protection, detection and response against the ever-increasing and evolving threat of cyberattacks.

From introducing our first machine learning-based detection in 2009, the first use of deep learning to increase detection rates in 2014 and our agentless tunable machine learning capabilities delivered in 2018, we have always focused on providing the highest efficacy of prevention and detection for our customers with the least amount of effort required for already burdened security and IT teams.

We focus our R&D efforts on providing the best technology to our customers and partners so that they can stay one step ahead – and today, we continue to deliver on that effort.  

The evolution of detection and response

Today, we announced the general availability of Bitdefender GravityZone XDR (Extended Detection and Response), a native XDR solution designed with our pioneering mindset of solving real customer problems with the least amount of effort required.

GravityZone XDR analyzes and detects attacks across an organization’s infrastructure and applications with more accurate detection and rapid response. Bringing endpoint, cloud,

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