BluStealer: from SpyEx to ThunderFox

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BluStealer is is a crypto stealer, keylogger, and document uploader written in Visual Basic that loads C#.NET hack tools to steal credentials. The family was first mentioned by @James_inthe_box in May and referred to as a310logger. In fact, a310logger is just one of the namespaces within the .NET component that appeared in the string artifacts. Around July, Fortinet referred to the same family as a “fresh malware”, and recently it is mentioned again as BluStealer by GoSecure. In this blog, we decide to go with the BluStealer naming while providing a fuller view of the family along with details of its inner workings.

a310logger is just one of the multiple C# hack tools in BluStealer’s .NET component.

BluStealer is primarily spread through malspam campaigns. A large number of the samples we found come from a particular campaign that is recognizable through the use of a unique .NET loader. The analysis of this loader is provided in this section. Below are two BluStealer malspam samples. The first is a fake DHL invoice in English. The second is a fake General de Perfiles message, a Mexican metal company, in Spanish. Both samples contain .iso attachments and download URLs that

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