Brace yourself for these five top data breach trends in 2022, Experian warns

In its latest annual Data Breach Industry Forecast released Monday, credit bureau and information services company Experian said that it has identified five areas it believes cybercriminals will find opportunities to exploit in 2022.

The findings were made based on the observation that as people throughout the world become more digitally connected online than ever before, thanks in part to the global pandemic, so too is the potential for institutions, infrastructures, and personal lives to be more exposed to cybercriminals. “Big institutions remain vulnerable, despite spending millions on security, and cybercriminals have plenty of opportunities to exploit weak technologies,” the report said.

Experian identified five top data breach trends to expect in 2022: 

1. Digital assets 

Digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, will become greater targets of attack as society accepts them as legitimate parts of the financial and technological landscape.

This prediction couldn’t have come at a better time as crypto-currency exchange BitMart reported over the weekend that hackers sole about $150 million worth of tokens from its so-called “hot wallets.” Blockchain security and data analytics company PeckShield, which first noticed the breach, estimated that BitMart’s loss was closer to $200 million: $100 million on

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