Breaches by the numbers: Why adapting to regional challenges is imperative

Every year, Forrester delivers the Forrester Analytics Business Technographics® Security Survey, which gives us insight into the current state, challenges, and forward-looking priorities of security decision-makers. This year, we analyzed the data to see how digital transformation hesitancy, disaster recovery preparedness, and balancing expectations with data affect the cost and effects of breaches. Our research, included in The 2021 State Of Enterprise Breaches report, revealed the following: 

Sixty-three percent of organizations were breached in the past year, 4% more than the year before. In the past 12 months, organizations faced an average of three breaches. It’s not surprising that this was less than in the previous year, given the shift to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Regions that hesitated to address challenges with business alignment were breached at a higher rate than those that addressed such challenges early on. 

Enterprises spend a median of 37 days and a mean of $2.4 million to find and recover from a breach. Globally, organizations took a median of 27 days to find an adversary and eradicate an attack and a median of 10 days to recover from a breach, totaling 37 days to find and recover from a breach. Costs came out to

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