Brothers Confess to Conning Spanish-speaking Americans

Brothers Confess to Conning Spanish-speaking Americans

Two brothers from Peru have admitted their role in an international call-center scam that defrauded Spanish-speaking immigrants to the United States. 

Under the conspiracy, victims were called up and threatened with legal action or deportation if they didn't buy certain educational products.

The scam was perpetrated from a series of call centers in Peru, including several that were operated and owned or co-owned by 32-year-old Josmell Espinoza Huerta (Josmell Espinoza) and his big brother, Carlos Alberto Espinoza Huerta (Carlos Espinoza), aged 40.

On Monday, the brothers, who are both from Lima, Peru, pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit mail fraud and wire fraud.

Court documents detailed how the Espinoza brothers and their co-conspirators in Peru specifically targeted recent immigrants to the United States from Central America, Mexico, and other Spanish-speaking countries.

From April 2011 until July 2019, the fraudsters contacted victims and deceived them into believing that they were required to buy English-language classes. Victims were told that failure to pay for the products and their delivery costs would cause them to be sued in a fictitious “minor crimes court.”

When making the calls, the Espinoza brothers would variously pretend to be lawyers, court officials, federal

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