Build a Modern Ransomware Protection Strategy

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Build a modern ransomware protection strategy

Risk Management

With ransomware heavily targeting critical industries in 2021, find out how you can establish a strong cybersecurity defense strategy against this evolving, costly threat.

By: Trend Micro November 08, 2021 Read time:  ( words)

With ransomware attacks like Colonial Pipeline, JBS, and Kaseya dominating the news this year, organizations have the right to feel nervous. Trend Micro Research collated and evaluated ransomware detections in the last six months in over 20 industries, giving you the insights you need to build a strong defense.

Banking, government, and transportation top targets

Due to the unique business characteristics of the banking, government, and transportation industries, it’s no surprise they remained the primary target of ransomware groups. Modern ransomware, specifically REvil, was consistently present in the list of top ransomware detections in the banking, government, and transportation industries.

Defending against modern ransomware

Ransomware compromise is no longer a matter of “if”, but “when.” The good news is that you can mitigate

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