Business Management Firms Have the Least Secure Web Apps

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Holding companies and firms that focus on managing other businesses’ finances had the least secure Web applications on average in August, with almost three-quarters of sites containing a critical vulnerability every day for the past 12 months, new research shows.

The data, collected from tests conducted by NTT Application Security, found that 10 industry sectors continued to see more than half of their applications vulnerable on every day of the past year. The utility sector, which topped the charts last month with 66% of tested applications always vulnerable, saw its percentage increase only slightly to 67%. The share of always-vulnerable applications for the “management of companies and enterprises” sector, however, jumped to 74% from 65% in July.

These industry sectors are not alone. While manufacturing reined in its vulnerabilities — reducing its share of always-vulnerable applications to 58% from 70% at the beginning of the year — the overall number of insecure sites and

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