Celebrate Data Privacy Day: Free privacy and security awareness resources

January 28 is Data Privacy Day, a day I actually love to celebrate!

Why? Data privacy tends to be viewed through a negative lens — massive data breaches, fines from government watchdogs and stories of lost customers. But when done right, it can become a story of empowering people and organizations to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust.

We want to keep that positive message going throughout 2022, so here are a few of our best data-privacy-related resources. We encourage you to read, download, watch and share them throughout the year.

1. Keep your personal data safe

Keeping your personal data safe starts with you. How much information are you exposing through social accounts and insecure phone settings? How deep is the potential treasure trove of old files stored on your devices? How does your cyber hygiene stack up against the criminals and bots trying to break into your accounts?

Download our collection of free security awareness tip sheets for a quick playbook on staying cyber secure at work and home — from securing your home devices to understanding common phishing attacks and more.

See if you can take your biggest data privacy weakness (or a handful of them!) and turn

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