CEO Fraud Emails – Not Every Money Transfer Request You Receive Is Legit

You know the saying If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is? The same could go with If it’s too pressing to be true, it probably is when it comes to emails that you might receive “from” your “CEO” or other “superiors”, so today’s topic is related to CEO fraud emails. But first things first!

What Is CEO Fraud?

CEO fraud is an advanced email scam used by malicious actors to dupe employees into transferring money to a bank account owned by the attacker or giving away sensitive business information. In this type of cyberattack, hackers posing as a company’s CEO or other executives send sophisticated emails asking employees, usually in HR or finance, to help them out by making a bank transfer.

This sophisticated spam, also known as Business Email Compromise (BEC), uses spoofed or hacked email accounts to deceive users. In order to avoid suspicion and examination, the bogus emails frequently describe an extremely urgent situation.

Who Is Exposed to CEO Fraud Emails?

Although the type of BEC we’re discussing today is called CEO fraud, there are other groups of employees that are seen as valuable targets given their roles and the access they have

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