Chronicles Of Mandiant: Google put a ring on it

Like a cybersecurity version of “The Bachelor,” Mandiant gives its final rose to Google. The idea of a standalone Mandiant, re-obtaining the prestige it once held in the cybersecurity industry, made for a great story but an unlikely proposition long term.

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 M&A was always the destiny for Mandiant, the only question being the winning bidder. The long and unproductive marriage to FireEye sees both companies making some interesting choices after their public, corporate divorce. FireEye combined with McAfee to become Trellix. And today, Mandiant announced an engagement to a suitor with deep pockets in Alphabet via GCP.   

If we were browsing our ex-significant other’s social media sites, we would definitely say that Mandiant found a more attractive and compelling match. But that raises the question: “What if Google is just the rebound acquirer?” Let’s take a dive into what each company gets from this pairing.  

Rebuilding Mandiant will take time. And lots of money.   

Mandiant spent too long tied to an all- FireEye ecosystem for its MDR offerings and other associated security services and only just diversified in the last year or two to support a more open ecosystem. Because of this, Mandiant forfeited some of the

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